We’ve been back running as a club since 2018, and we’ve welcomed dozens of runners and walkers. See the FAQs below to ease your first visit with us. If you have other questions not mentioned here, please message us on Facebook or Instagram. Thanks! 

What is Frontrunners Lexington?2020-08-15T01:56:25+00:00

Frontrunners Lexington is a welcoming LGBTQ* run/walk group that promotes running, fitness, and community.

When do you meet?2020-09-03T16:19:02+00:00

We meet several times a week for group runs and walks. We list our current schedule and location on our website. We adjust times throughout the year as the seasons and sunlight change, and we update this page and our Facebook page accordingly. Arrive a few minutes early, wear comfortable workout clothes, and let’s do this.

How fast do you run? How far?2020-08-15T02:12:41+00:00

We have members of all levels. Some of us run 6 minute miles, others take a more leisurely 20 minute mile. We start at the same location, but we go our own distance. On average, we go between 1 and 6 miles.

We pair new runners/walkers with folks with similar goals so they know where to go.

Just show up and we’ll get you sorted.

How much does it cost?2020-08-15T02:03:04+00:00

We have no membership fee. Just show up and run.

What if it rains? Are runs ever canceled?2020-08-15T02:05:15+00:00

We usually have people who will run in poor weather. Any cancelations will be posted in our Facebook group (which you should join!)

Do you have virtual runs?2020-08-15T02:06:59+00:00

Yes! We have an active community in Strava. Track your runs and compete against other members by joining here.

What is your Facebook?2020-08-15T02:08:16+00:00

Our Facebook group is where most communication and planning happens. Join! Look for running partners, share your accomplishments, post photos.

Do you have any other events?2020-08-15T02:14:35+00:00

From time to time, we’ll have social events. Potlucks, wine nights, etc. Any such event will be shared in our Facebook group.

Who are the International Frontrunners?2020-08-15T02:17:51+00:00

The IFR is a global organization of over 100 Frontrunner chapters. If you are ever traveling, be sure to pack a pair a sneakers and look up a club near you.

Is there parking?2020-09-22T14:06:03+00:00

Yes. At all of our runs/walks, we have plenty of free parking.

Do you have a Pride Run?2022-02-23T17:30:14+00:00

Yes! We host a Pride Run 5K, benefiting local charities, in October. We will advertise the race on this website when registration opens.

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